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The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

Mandy Spencely BSc FRICS is the Area Operations Manager at e.surv Chartered Surveyors, responsible for a team of residential surveyors in Nottingham and Lincoln. e.surv are the UK's largest provider of property risk expertise and residential surveying services, employing over 600 surveyors across the UK.

Mandy is also very passionate about training and counselling surveyors on their qualification journey. In her spare time, she serves as a local town Councillor.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Mandy’s journey to becoming surveyor and deciding to live in a rural area
  • Pros and cons of a general practice vs. specialised qualification
  • The rewards of training and counselling other surveyors
  • The importance of always being yourself as a manager
  • What female role models in surveying should look like

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