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The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

Philip Santo is a chartered surveyor with over 35 years experience as a residential surveyor and valuer who has acted as a consultant for RICS, representing RICS on the Council of Mortgage Lenders Valuation Panel and undertaking a range of project work within the Residential Professional Group. Philip contributed to the major reviews of the Red Book Mortgage Valuation Practice Standard in 2011 and the Guidance Note on the Valuation of New-build Residential Homes published in 2012. He led the cross-industry working group which produced the RICS Information Paper on Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property in 2012 and helped to facilitate the establishment of a dedicated Invasive Weeds division under the auspices of the Property Care Association.

Philip regularly gives training presentations and is a visiting lecturer at Portsmouth University. He writes for a number of professional publications, including the Case Notes series in the RICS Residential Professional Journal and has written a second edition to the Melville and Gordon series Inspections and Reports on Dwellings.

His independent practice, Philip Santo & Co, Chartered Surveyors, provides a range of consultancy services including advice on automated valuation models (AVMs) and providing expert reports and training programmes. Images from his extensive portfolio of property and survey-related photographs frequently feature in RICS journals and professional publications.

What Is Covered:

  • Philip’s career development and lessons learned
  • The rewards of residential surveying as a career and how to make it more visible to younger people
  • Personal attributes that a surveyor needs to have in order to respond to the requirements of this profession
  • The future of residential surveying and potential concerns
  • Philip’s consultancy work as an expert in Japanese Knotweed

Connect with Philip Santo: